Mruthyunjaya Japam


According to “Sanathana Dharma”, The God Maha Mruthyunjaya or Lord Shiva
is described as “Maha Deva”(God of all gods). Lord Shiva is the one who
destines the death of each living creature. Worshipping the God Maha
Mruthyunjaya, we can increase our life span and also gives us good health.

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The Maha Mruthyunjaya Japam bring devotee Health
and wellness of body, mind and soul. A person who is fighting with illness and
health issues will get resistance against illness by performing Maha
Mruthyunjaya Japam. When your “Janma Kundali”( Birth Chart) threats severe
Shani Graha Dosha and Health-related problems, we recommend Maha
Mruthyunjaya Japam for good health and well-being.

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